Wednesday, January 5, 2011


My favorite thing about school is DARE.
This is my report that I had to write so I can graduate from the DARE program

                                 Josephs DARE Report

I feel that the DARE program helps us not to take drugs.
I also feel that the DARE program helps us to not hurt people because we are only hurting ourselves. I’ve learned that drugs will kill you but some will not if you use them correctly and that you could go to jail for taking drugs.
I have also learned that hurting people is wrong and that you could be arrested.
I think that being drug-free and avoiding violence is very important because if you do any one of them they will lead you to being arrested.
We have all been given one body so we should do our best to keep it healthy so that we can live long and happy lives.
I Joseph pledge to be drug and violence free no matter how much or how long it may tempt me.


  1. Joseph I am so proud of you, I think you are very smart and a good example...I love you!....Great Job!!

  2. That is an excellent report Joey! I am so proud of you! I love you!